How soon will I be able to download eBook?

Once your payment is successfully processed, you can download your ebook(s) immediately on the confirmation page AND you will receive a confirmation email IMMEDIATELY with your ebook(s) to download.

Can I print pages of your eBooks?

Yes, all of our eBooks you can print the pages for class etc. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader, simply open the file and click print, and select the pages you would like to print.

Are you eBooks keyword searchable?

Yes, using Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading the eBook PDF's, you can search for a keyword using the command+F key on your keyboard. 

Are you a trusted seller?

Yes, we are a certified affiliate-seller of etextbooks via major publications. We have been selling online since 2015!

Is your website secure?

Yes, our site has SSL secure connection when checking out. We accept all major payment types. We have served over 10,000 highly satisfied customers and we have an A+ google seller rating! All purchases can be made through PayPal secure payment or Stripe's secured payment processing server.


Does your ebooks include an online access code?

No, none of our products include an online access code! We do not issue these! 

How can I contact you?

Please contact us via email sales@ebookstoreco.com. One of our reps will respond promptly within 5-10 minutes during our office hours 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (EST).

How can I view my ebook purchase?

All ebooks are either PDF and/or EPUB format as displayed in description. PDF's are viewable via Adobe Acrobat Reader (you can print and save as well). EPUB's are viewable on any ePUB ebook reader.

Does the ebook expire?

No, the eBooks do not expire and you can download and transfer to multiple devices once you download.

What is your refund policy?

We will grant a refund only provided that the customer contact us within 72 hours of purchase explaining why they are requesting a refund. Please read our refund policy page for more.